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At Members Only Supplements our goal is to grow our membership base as much as possible so we can have better purchasing power and therefore give better prices to our members. One of the ways for us to achieve our goals is to have an awesome Affiliate program where we pay a 10% commission on referrals you send us and end up purchasing products as a Free Member or guest.  In addition, if a referral comes from your link and joins us as a Premium Member, we will pay you a 50% commission on the cost of their initial plan. Yes, I said 50%. We are in this together to change the supplement industry and we are not greedy. 

There are currently two ways to become an affiliate. The first is to become an affiliate of Shareasale. This is free to join and is best for those who currently own a website. Once you join Shareasale you can search for us in their system or just send us an email to let us know.

The second is through our own in house program. This is best for social influencers but is also fine for those with websites. 

Here is how to set up the in house: 

Step 1) You join MO as a Free Member. 

Step 2) You click on the Commissions tab in the "My Profile" area.

Step 3) You join the Affiliate Program by following the instructions. 

Step 4) You go back to the Commissions tab after joining and copy the link. You use that link to send people to our website from your website, facebook, twitter etc. You can also copy the HTML under Marketing tab for awesome graphics and banners.



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